We’re excited to launch the Sherwood 2040 Comprehensive Plan Vision!

Sherwood has changed dramatically over the years, yet the community’s vibrant small-town character has endured. When the City’s Comprehensive Plan was last updated in 1990, Sherwood was home to 3,000 residents. Since then, Sherwood has doubled in physical size and has over 19,000 residents with changing demographics.

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Image of a street lined with cars from the 1950s and 1960s, parked diagonally with their hoods up and facing the center of the street. A few people are walking down the center of the street looking at the cars.

We need your help to plan the next 20 years of Sherwood’s future. Over the next three years, we will work with you to:

  • Identify and protect what we love about Sherwood today
  • Envision what we want Sherwood to look like tomorrow
  • Create a new Comprehensive Plan to allow us to realize that vision together

Share your thoughts on the future of Sherwood using our online survey.

Current Events

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the July 30 Vision Summit!

If you weren't able to make it, you can still participate online. Review our proposed vision statement and goals for Sherwood 2040 and tell us what you think!

Like all cities in Oregon, we must plan for current and future generations. We know that communities that plan for growth have the best chance of managing their destiny in a way that retains the qualities that brought us here in the first place: our small-town character, forests and farms, excellent schools, thriving businesses, and parks and public spaces.

Given the dramatic growth, it is clear the 1990 Comprehensive Plan no longer represents the vision and values of Sherwood residents and businesses. Over the next three years, our goal is to explore, balance and prioritize community issues for Sherwood that allow our community to determine how we grow and continue to provide quality places to live, work and play over the next twenty years. The first step in this process is to engage the Sherwood community in creating a vision for the future that will serve as the basis for updating the Comprehensive Plan.

About the project

Sherwood 2040 is a visioning process to engage the community in conversations about the future and use that input as a basis to update Sherwood’s Comprehensive Plan. This process began in spring 2018 and will lead into the next phase of the Comprehensive Plan update at the end of the year.

The goal for this process is to recognize and communicate the foundational elements that make Sherwood unique. Developing a shared understanding of Sherwood today is necessary to address key issues for the future. We’re seeking community guidance on the areas of interest below.

An image of three children walking along a trail in a park. Three more people are walking a few yards ahead of them.

Other planning efforts

Sherwood begins this work from a position of strength. The City has been proactive in planning, having undertaken a number of efforts in recent years, including concept planning for a large area of Sherwood’s urban reserve in “Sherwood West.” The Sherwood West Preliminary Concept Plan can provide context for issues the city is facing in relation to growth, land use and housing. Furthermore, the City is updating technical information, including an Economic Opportunities Analysis (EOA) and Housing Needs Analysis (HNA), for the development of policy recommendations in the Comprehensive Plan update.

Meet Your Comprehensive Plan Update Citizen Advisory Committee

The Community Advisory Committee (CAC) will help guide the development of the Comprehensive Plan Vision. CAC members play a key role advising staff, connecting to the community and providing recommendations regarding new land use-related goals and policies and other changes to be included in the City’s Comprehensive Plan update.

Your CAC members include:

  • Susan Claus
  • John Davis
  • Patricia Distler
  • Angi Ford
  • Frank Funk
  • Megan Thornton
  • Jacqueline Head
  • Tess Kies
  • Paul Mayer
  • Melanie Mildenberger
  • Thomas Quesenberry
  • Rachel Schoening
  • Damon Starnes
  • Jamie Stasny
  • Matt Staten
  • Jason Wuertz
  • Jean Simson
  • Russell Griffin

Get Involved

Help shape Sherwood's future

We asked community members to share the vision and values they want reflected in the Sherwood 2040 Comprehensive Plan. This outreach, along with direction from the Citizen Advisory Committee, guided the development of a draft vision statement. Major themes from this vision statement are organized into the eight topic areas of Sherwood’s comprehensive plan. A summary of what we heard in each topic area is described below. For more information, read the detailed summary.

Now we need your help creating goals for each of the eight topic areas to inform policy decisions and shape how Sherwood grows!

A “goal” is a focused statement that connects a vision to an objective. If the vision states “Sherwood will have a safe, connected transportation system,” an example goal could be, “connect Sherwood to the regional Tonquin Trail network.” Goals are stated in unmeasurable terms, and lead to objectives that can be measured.

Please complete the survey below to help us develop the Sherwood 2040 vision and goals!

Sherwood Community Survey - Future

children provide input on Sherwood 2040 flip charts using markers and sticky notesDraft Vision Statement

Please review the draft vision statement below:

In the year 2040, residents of Sherwood appreciate their safe, connected, family-oriented and friendly community. Those who grew up in Sherwood stay for family wage jobs and a high quality of life, and those who raised their families here can retire in the place they proudly call home. Sherwood is renowned for its excellent schools, parks, thriving local businesses, small town feel and access to metropolitan amenities, jobs and natural areas.

Strong Community, Culture, and Heritage
In 2040, Sherwood successfully retains its treasured small-town character and strong sense of community while welcoming new businesses and residents. Old Town preserves its historic atmosphere as an attractive place to shop, dine and gather. The library and performing arts center play a vital role as place of learning and sharing, and art and creativity are woven into the fabric of the city. A variety of community events uphold a legacy of bringing the community together and giving Sherwood a sense of place.

Attractive and Attainable Housing
In 2040, Sherwood has a range of housing choices for a diversity of ages and income levels, providing community members the ability to live in Sherwood throughout all stages of life.

Thriving and Diversified Economy
In 2040, the Sherwood economy has grown to include a variety of businesses big and small that offer stable employment opportunities and family-wage jobs. Sherwood is a gateway to wine country and capitalizes on a robust tourism industry.

Coordinated and Connected Infrastructure
In 2040, the city’s transportation system is efficient, safe and provides transportation options. The town has an active and connected transportation network where residents enjoy walking and bicycle paths between neighborhoods, parks, schools, the Tualatin National Wildlife Refuge and Old Town. Quality public facilities, services, and utilities contribute to a high quality of life. Sherwood has an excellent school system, an asset that draws families to the community. Sherwood residents of all ages enjoy the city’s robust park system, community centers and state-of-the-art athletic and recreation facilities.

Healthy and Valued Ecosystem
In 2040, Sherwood is a leader as a steward of its natural environment. Vegetated corridors are protected and weave through the city providing habitat, safe passage for wildlife, clean water, and a place for people to connect with nature. The city actively preserves mature trees and natural areas.

Strategic and Collaborative Governance
In 2040, residents enjoy well-funded police, fire and emergency response services that keep Sherwood safe. The city is governed in a fiscally responsible and responsive manner that allows for strategic, well-planned growth and the adequate provision of services.

1. I feel the draft vision statement is:

Please review the eight topic areas below and share your thoughts on what our goals should be for each topic area.

housing logoHousing

We heard housing should:

  • Be affordable
  • Be smaller-scale
  • Be high-quality
  • Incorporate parks and open space
  • Serve families, single parents, multigenerational households, growing children and seniors

Ideas we heard include:

  • Pocket neighborhoods (cottage courts)
  • 55+ communities
  • “Missing middle” housing options
  • Assisted or independent living facilities

economic development logoEconomic Development

We heard economic development should:

  • Foster small businesses
  • Increase local food options
  • Grow tourism
  • Support clean industry
  • Encourage high paying jobs
  • Maintain Sherwood’s “small-town” character

Ideas we heard include:

  • Regional recreation facilities
  • Food carts or pods
  • Wine train on existing railroad tracks
  • Albertsons redevelopment

Parks and Recreation logoNature, Parks and Trails

We heard nature, parks and trails should:

  • Connect to regional trails and bike paths
  • Provide maps and wayfinding for trails
  • Increase forested and natural areas
  • Connect to the Tualatin River

Ideas we heard include:

  • Recreation and sports complex
  • Sand volleyball court
  • New basketball courts
  • Indoor tennis court
  • Skate Park
  • Water park, play area, or public pool

Community engagement logoCommunity Engagement

We heard community engagement should:

  • Increase diverse engagement opportunities
  • Increase coordination of social services
  • Provide more community gathering spaces
  • Foster a family-friendly atmosphere and small-town feel
  • Encourage a collaborative and positive attitude among neighbors

Ideas we heard include:

  • More public art
  • Community events at different times of day
  • Stronger youth engagement programs
  • Expanded library services

Transportation logoTransportation

We heard transportation should:

  • Accommodate bikes, pedestrians, and cars
  • Improve street safety and efficiency
  • Improve public transit options
  • Provide options for seniors

Ideas we heard include:

  • A pedestrian bridge over Hwy 99W
  • Clearer signage on highways and roundabouts
  • More parking
  • Explore an I-5 bypass
  • Well-connected, wider roads

infrastructure logoInfrastructure

We heard infrastructure should:

  • Be well funded
  • Use good planning practices before development

Ideas we heard include:

  • A backup water plan in the event of contamination
  • More school buildings to meet growing demand

governance logoGovernance and Growth

We heard governance should:

  • Plan carefully for growth
  • Diversify Sherwood’s tax base
  • Continue responding to community needs

Ideas we heard include:

  • More public information about new construction
  • New City staff positions for natural resources, economic development

health and safety logoCommunity Health and Safety

We heard community health and safety should:

  • Increase resources for mental health and homelessness
  • Continue involvement with local police
  • Increase funding for police and school resource officers

Ideas we heard include:

  • Strengthen the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) program
  • Better dissemination of safety and emergency management information

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Please check back regularly for information on upcoming community events, vision summits, online open houses, surveys, photo contests, and other fun activities!

Your photos

We love to see photos of your favorite places that make Sherwood special. Upload your photos below, and you might see them posted on this website!

Submission of photos indicates consent for public use.

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Project library

Documents and Reports

We will post project documents as they become available. Check back regularly for updates.

Citizen Advisory Committee Meeting Materials

All Citizen Advisory Committee meetings are open to the community and include time for written and verbal comment as time allows. Vision summits and community events will be scheduled throughout the summer and are dedicated to robust community discussion.

Please provide comments by attending the meetings or contacting Carrie Brennecke, Senior Planner at (503) 625-4242 or email brenneckec@sherwoodoregon.gov.

Agendas and meeting materials will be available one week before the meeting.

Using the Library

The information listings on this page include all materials that will be produced during the Comprehensive Plan Vision. As an item becomes available for review, the listing will be made into a link that will let you access the item.


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