Creating a Comprehensive Plan Update for 2040

Like all cities in Oregon, we must plan for current and future generations. We know that communities that plan for growth have the best chance of managing their destiny in a way that retains the qualities that brought us here in the first place: our small-town character, forests and farms, excellent schools, thriving businesses, parks and public spaces.

Sherwood last updated its Comprehensive Plan in 1990. The Comprehensive Plan is a planning document that directs all activities related to land use and the future of natural and man-made systems and services in Sherwood. The plan helps manage expected population and employment growth through a set of goals, policies and implementation measures that align with the community’s vision. City leaders use the Comprehensive Plan to coordinate public investments and to make decisions about new development, existing neighborhoods, transportation and a variety of other topics. Given Sherwood’s dramatic growth over the past 20 years, the 1990 Comprehensive Plan no longer represents the vision and values of today’s residents and businesses.

Over the next three years, our goal is to explore, balance and prioritize community issues for determining how we grow and continue to provide quality places to live, work and play over the next twenty years. In 2018, we engaged the Sherwood community in creating a vision and goals for the future that will serve as the foundation for updating the Comprehensive Plan. From 2019-2021, we will establish a new Comprehensive Plan policy framework that allows us to realize that vision together.

Image of newly constructed single family homes in a residential square block. The houses are surrounded by apartments, roads, bike and pedestrian facilities and green spaces.

A rendering of what future Sherwood housing developments could look like.

Our Sherwood Story

Current Events

The City of Sherwood is grateful to all community members who participated in the Sherwood 2040 Vision and Comprehensive Plan Update. Over the last two years, the CAC, TAC and the Sherwood community have worked together to establish policy directives for each of the six elements of the Community Vision. Please stay tuned for the adoption of the City’s new Comprehensive Plan in early summer 2021.

How we got here

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In the spring of 2018, the City of Sherwood launched the Sherwood 2040 Comprehensive Plan Vision, a city-wide community engagement process that outlines a desired future for the Sherwood community in the year 2040. The City undertook the Visioning Process as one of the initial steps in updating the Comprehensive Plan. The Visioning Process engaged community members to develop a shared understanding of Sherwood today and create a planning process that will address key issues for the future.

Undertaking a visioning process before updating the comprehensive plan was especially important for a community like Sherwood. The city has changed dramatically over the years, yet the community’s vibrancy and small-town character has endured. In 1990, the year of the City’s last Comprehensive Plan Update, Sherwood was home to only 3,000 residents. Today, the City has more than 19,000 residents, reflecting an annual average growth rate of 8%. The city has also doubled in physical size and is witnessing a change in the demographics of its population. Because of the dramatic growth, the last Comprehensive Plan no longer represents the vision and values of the current Sherwood residents and its business community. The Sherwood 2040 Comprehensive Plan Vision was the first step in identifying what makes Sherwood special, envisioning what it will look like tomorrow and creating a new Comprehensive Plan to realize that vision.

The Visioning Process spanned the spring, summer and fall of 2018. It engaged hundreds of community members in conversations about what makes Sherwood unique. In these conversations, community members also envisioned what Sherwood could look like in 2040. With guidance from a Community Advisory Committee and support from City staff and a consultant team, this input helped craft the Sherwood 2040 Comprehensive Plan Vision and Goals.

Final Vision Document

City representative talking to three children at a City of Sherwood booth at the 2018 Robinhood Festival. The booth generated community input for the Sherwood 2040 vision.
Representatives from the City of Sherwood attending the Robin Hood Festival to get input from community members on the Sherwood 2040 Vision.
Person standing at the Sherwood 2040 booth at the Sherwood Robin Hood Festival in July 2018. The booth generated community input from residents about Sherwood 2040.
A community member providing input on the Sherwood 2040 Vision during the annual Robin Hood Festival.

About the project

Sherwood’s updated Comprehensive Plan and the process to develop it will be organized around six core areas. Each core area is an element of the Vision Statement and includes a set of goals that were developed through the Comprehensive Plan Visioning Process. Each core area covers broad, interconnected topics that are consistent with community priorities identified in the Visioning Process and Oregon’s Statewide Planning Goals.

The scope of a Comprehensive Plan is far-reaching and helps coordinate activities across city departments, regional agencies and state agencies. The Plan establishes a policy framework that helps inform other critical planning documents used by the City to guide growth and development in Sherwood. The Comprehensive Plan is more than just a set of goals and policies. It includes background research, analyses, and area-specific and system plans that provide more information related to particular topics or areas. These components inform the development of and assist in carrying out the policy directives of the Plan. Together, the components of the Comprehensive Plan allow Sherwood to plan for near and long term urban growth and critical public service investment, while preserving the amenities that make Sherwood a great place to live.

An image of three children walking along a trail in a park. Three more people are walking a few yards ahead of them.
Residents enjoying the walking paths in one of Sherwood’s many natural areas.

Other planning efforts

Sherwood begins this work from a position of strength. The City has been proactive in planning, having undertaken a number of efforts in recent years. Below is a list of the past and ongoing planning efforts.

Get involved

We need your help!

This is a multi-year process and we need your help to implement the Sherwood 2040 Vision through the Comprehensive Plan Update. There will be many opportunities to participate in the months to come. Below is a schedule of the Comprehensive Plan Process including events for community members to get involved. Details about community events will be announced as they approach.

Timeline graphic for the Sherwood 2040 comprehensive plan process. The public input process runs from May 2019-December 2020 with 6 themes. Each theme is active for a 6-month period and has a community event followed by an online survey.

Your Community Advisory Committee (CAC) is at your service!

The CAC meets every other month and its members act as liaisons to the community. In addition, the CAC is charged with reviewing technical studies, surveys, reports, and providing comments and recommendations to the Sherwood Planning Commission.

CAC Committee Members (July 2020):

  • Damon Starnes
  • Matt Staten
  • Corey Kearsley
  • Thomas Quesenberry
  • Paul Mayer
  • Tess Kies
  • Rachel Schoening
  • Megan Thornton
  • Jim Fisher
  • Angi Ford
  • Jeff Roberts
  • Brian Amer
  • Jean Simson
  • Russell Griffin

Project library

Documents and Reports

April 7, 2021 CAC Agenda #12
April 7, 2021 Healthy and Valued Ecosystems Survey Summary
February 19, 2021 Healthy and Valued Ecosystems: Background Report
February 19, 2021 Healthy and Valued Ecosystems Community Profile
January 20, 2021 Coordinated and Connected Infrastructure Survey Summary
September 23, 2020 Attractive and Attainable Housing Survey Summary
January 2019 Sherwood 2040 Comprehensive Plan Vision and Goals
April 19, 2019 Thriving and Diversified Economy: Background Report
April 19, 2019 Thriving and Diversified Economy: Profile
April 19, 2019 CAC Meeting Agenda #1
May 8, 2019 CAC Meeting Summary #1
June 10, 2019 Final Public Involvement Plan
July 18, 2019 CAC Meeting Agenda #2
July 19, 2019 Strong Community, Culture, and Heritage: Profile
August 28, 2019 Strong Community, Culture, and Heritage: Background Report
August 28, 2019 CAC Meeting Agenda #3
November 6, 2019 CAC Meeting Agenda #4
November 15, 2019 Thriving and Diversified Economy: Survey Summary
November 15, 2019 Strong Community, Culture, and Heritage: Survey Summary
December 3, 2019 CAC Meeting Summary #4
February 12, 2020 CAC Meeting Agenda #5
February 12, 2020 Strategic and Collaborative Governance: Background Report
February 12, 2020 Strategic and Collaborative Governance: Profile
February 12, 2020 Strategic and Collaborative Governance Survey Summary
May 5, 2020 CAC Meeting Agenda #6
May 5, 2020 CAC Meeting Summary #6
July 22, 2020 Attractive and Attainable Housing: Profile
July 22, 2020 Attractive and Attainable Housing: Background Report
July 22, 2020 CAC Meeting Agenda #7
August 5, 2020 CAC Meeting Summary #7
Sept 23, 2020 CAC Meeting Agenda #8
Oct 28, 2020 Coordinated and Connected Infrastructure: Profile  
Oct 28, 2020 Coordinated and Connected Infrastructure: Background Report
Oct 28, 2020 CAC Agenda #9
Jan 20, 2021 CAC Agenda #10
Feb 19, 2021 CAC Agenda #11

We will post project documents as they become available. Check back regularly for updates.

Using the Library

The information listings on this page include all materials that will be produced during the Comprehensive Plan Update. As an item becomes available for review, the listing will be made into a link that will let you access the item.


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